Gihon Program for the Performing Arts

The Gihon Program for the Performing Arts (GPPA) is an operating program of the Gihon Foundation that curates and produces live performances of emerging and established artists which it delivers free and open to the public.

These live unedited performances typify their times in a way no other art can and thus provide unique insight into the culture and values of their respective societies and civilizations.

As a policy, artists are paid expenses associated with their part of the production of the show as well as a small honorarium for participation.

The objectives of this program are many: to provide financial support for performing artists and their facilities; to reach as large an audience as possible with live performances; to encourage private philanthropic support of the performing arts; to name a few.

The focus of the GPPA is live performances in the United States and includes music, plays, dance, and other performances in the lively arts. The delivery system may be local venues or electronic ones delivered globally over the Internet or through television and video, etc, all at no charge to audiences, -- but also as policy the GPPA programs are and must be live, with no pre-recording or time shifting.

This live real-time audience/performer interaction is one of the main goals of the GPPA.

The first production of the GPPA was MusicRise on Memorial Day weekend May23-25th in 2009. It was delivered live over the Internet by Videoranch3D , a live virtual world of multiple performance venues. The performing acts were all musical and included Carolyn Wonderland, Rebeca Mauleon Quartet, The Boxmasters, Slaid Cleaves, Asobi Seksu, and Thao & The Get Down Stay Down.

The performances are recorded for archival purposes and are part of a collection maintained for general reference by the Gihon Foundation.

We welcome the participation of other Foundations that support the Performing Arts. The Gihon Foundation is a tax exempt program operating foundation incorporated under federal tax code 501c.3 and is based in California.